Who am I?
Who am I?

Graphic & Concept designer, Artist

Graphic designer. Graduate of the Graphic high-school in Prague and University U.J.E.P., atelier GD1 of Karel Míšek.

I am minimalist focused on an effective results and the right ideas, which are tailored to the projects.

Concept designer who likes to design a proposed concept from initial idea such as the name to a sophisticated visual identity, that will be both unique and contemporary and sucessfull. Such as the the ecological campaign of the city Aussig which aimed to support the sorting of waste and its orientational visual system.

Artist who can separate pure graphic design and the same time has several openings and an exhibition on an international level. Exhibitions in Portugal and his paintings are part of collections such as Estonia, Sweden, Denmark, Mexico, Netherlands, etc.


Are you interested in original piece of Art?
Check my online gallery,
All of my Paintings, the sold ones and available you will find here in my „Virtual gallery“.

Each painting is created by a combination of several artistic techniques and its production takes tens of hours. Therefore, each image is unique and original. Each painting has a contract for the ownership of the work of art. If the paintings are for sale in a gallery, I can no longer sell them directly. Galleries usually increase the price by 40% to 100% of the original value. If you see an image available in my gallery, you can buy it directly from me, just contact me.

It is also possible to arrange the production of the painting directly up to order. My style and handwriting is what characterises me, so it is not possible to order a diametrically different style of paintings from me than I create. However, if the customer wants a certain motive, size and / or a color. I am willing to discuss this with him and create a targeted image that will fit into a certain space, etc. We can agree.
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