Jan Dostal, CEO of DostMedia
„I have been working with Christian for a long time. I like his passion for design and sensitivity for detail. He can notice even small detail and create a great output. He is able to really communicate well about the sketch, which I appreciate a lot. If I have a client who look for graphic „master“, I will always be happy to recommend him.“
Alexandra Waldo, Wheelock
„I worked with Christian together to open our designer accessories store based in Prague. He was with us from the beginning, when We did not even know what our logo would look like. He came up with a concept for us, helped us with the design and implementation. He managed everything in a short time and in TOP Quality. We are 100% satisfied with the cooperation. We can only highly recommend.“
„In work of Christian Gold uses not only the knowledge gained through many years of study at the field of Graphic design, but also his practice in the Czech Republic and especially abroad. He creates his graphics on the basis of an analysis of the latest trends, inserting his original ideas and precision into them. If you want to stand out from the competition, Christian is the right choice for you!“
Teresa Vanková
"After several bad experiences, I came across a person who is not only handy, but also artistically imaginative and able to advise in terms of aesthetics. It was last minute job and I met with an immense willingness to work „overtime.“ I would especially like to thank him for the patience and perseverance with regard to my demands, which I could only describe as a layman."
Eva Fialová, City Hall of Aussig
"The City of Aussig approached graphic artists from the local University to help design new graphics for „Waste collection containers campaign“ which would encourage citizens to be better sort waste in the city. Christian’s design was fresh, simple and very thoughtful. The City therefore unified its appearance on sorted containers, together We also convinced the company EKOKOM, which owns a network of colored bins, and now the whole town is written with a uniform sticker of containers for all waste. I am proud that He was able to influence the appearance of the city and every time I go with my household waste, I remember the amazing cooperation and the development of the whole project. Great work of the really great Graphic designer."